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About the Product Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor

Full Color Digital Display – The simple to-peruse screen on the Parent Unit unmistakably shows elements, for example, Nursery Room Temperature and Sound Lights

Temperature Display – The best sympathy toward mothers and fathers is child’s security, dozing alone in the nursery. Your Angelcare AC420 infant screen shows the temperature in infant’s room on the Parent Unit so you can check whether it is too warm or excessively cool.

Convenient and Rechargeable Parent Unit – Carry the Parent Unit with you from space to space for significant serenity

Item Description Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor

Angelcare Sound Monitor

It’s intense being a guardian. You can’t resist the urge to stress over your child each moment of consistently, notwithstanding when your infant is resting soundly. The Angelcare AC420 Sound Monitor is an extraordinary sound screen at a reasonable cost. You’ll locate the sound quality is completely clear, and it additionally accompanies a rechargeable portable Parent Unit. Indeed, all that you could need to appreciate the experience of parenthood.

Item Dimensions:3 x 6.7 x 8.5 inches


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Finally, NO static!
By Sam Archer VINE VOICE on August 20, 2010
Verified Purchase
Bought this as a replacement for the Fisher-Price Sounds ‘N Lights Dual Receiver Monitor M5578 which was horrible because of static and poor sound sensitivity.

This monitor has been among the best I’ve ever used (I’ve had many over the last 6 years).


1. Very sensitive. There is a sensitivity control on the back of the base station which works great. You can even hear the kids breathing or whispering. The Fisher-Price would only work if my kid was screaming.

2. NO static or interference. Finally, a monitor that doesn’t pick up stray radio programs or endless clicking and static. There can be a slight buzz if it’s searching for a new channel but that’s it. The Fisher-Price would buzz when trucks drove by or airplanes flew overhead, but this monitor doesn’t do that.

3. Has multiple channels to select from to give you the clearest signal. Great if your neighbors have the same monitor so you don’t listen to each other.

4. Excellent range. Good for at least 75 feet in my experience. Will even warn you if out of range.

5. Receiver uses rechargeable batteries which you can change yourself. You can upgrade the batteries if you want them to last longer, but this hasn’t been a problem for me. Has lasted at least two days without needing recharge.


Only comes with one receiver. Most monitors come with two. You can get two if you buy the motion sensitive pad which I didn’t need/want.


Almost the perfect baby monitor. No static, good range, very sensitive, and lots of usable features.
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Avent vs Angelcare vs Vtech
By Mel M. on March 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
UPDATE 6/4/13 – I’m keeping the Vtech rating at 4 stars. This is due to battery life. I can get about maybe 6-8 hours out of a charge, which is not very much. I’m guessing they really cheaped out on the battery. It does beep to alert you when the battery is running low. As long as you remember to plug it in every evening, it’s not a problem. Otherwise, it’s a fabulous unit and has been working excellent for our family. Still the best choice of the 3 I reviewed below.

UPDATED 3/28/13
I’ve owned the below 3 units over the course of the last 2 years. I recommend the VTech for now (I’ve only had it a few weeks, but it is by far the winner in performance AND value). For features, I only listed the features that I felt would be important to the average buyer. Some of the units had other features that I didn’t list because I didn’t think there were critical in my decision making process.

Also, it might be important to note that we live in a 2 story house and we have Wi Fi.

Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor with DECT Technology
1 star
Price I paid: $95

talk back – yes
night light – yes
battery backup on Baby Unit – yes
Temperature – no (but available on upgraded units)
Visual sound indicator – yes, LED

Ease of use and customization of features (ie: setting the sensitivity level, etc): easy, intuitive.

Signal: excellent, DECT, crystal clear

Other thoughts: Loved this monitor until……. after about 6 months of use the parent unit would randomly turn itself off with no warning, no beeping, nothing.Read more ›
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No static, but several small problems
By Leo Dirac on August 29, 2011
It does the basics of what it’s supposed to do quite well. It lets you listen to what’s going on in your baby’s room very clearly. The radio transmission is reliably free of static, even in our house with way too much metal in the walls. I would have expected that if it did this well (which it does), that’s all I need in a baby monitor. Turns out there are so many other small problems with it that I have mixed feelings about it.

First off, it’s really quiet. Even with the volume turned all the way up, you can’t hear baby’s small wimpers that indicate she’s starting to wake up, unless the room where you’re listening from is nearly silent. Other baby monitors are so loud they’re fine to use in rooms with several people holding a conversation. This one you need to pay extra attention to. With other baby monitors this wouldn’t be a deal breaker, because there’s usually a visual indicator of the volume level too.

The Angelcare also has a visual indication of the volume level in the room. But the color LCD display is very difficult to read because it has a tiny viewing angle. If the monitor is on a table, and you’re standing, the display always appears to have all of its indicators on. (All bars, 88 in the number display.) You need to be almost at eye level with it, or have it pointing straight at you to be able to read it. So you can’t count in using the visual display to see when baby’s waking up either. I prefer the kinds which have bright lights that tell you there’s something going on that you can see even in the middle of a rock concert.

Also, the out of range feature is simply bizarre. Most baby monitors will start complaining loudly to you if they lose signal and are no longer tracking what’s going on in baby’s room.Read more ›
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